Why Patriot Coffee?

The US has long been a melting pot of unique people, a variety of cultures, and a place for dreamers to pursue their passions. Here, we are encouraged to celebrate the goodness and variety in our world and strive to make what is beautiful about one another thrive.

We love coffee because, like our country and its people, it is a byproduct of the uniqueness and variety of our world and has the power to influence the world in a positive way. Each region and method in which coffee is grown, harvested, roasted, and brewed brings out its own unique flavor. Coffee helps us to celebrate our unique roots, to savor the richest parts of life, connect us, and empower us in our own pursuits of happiness.

At Patriot Coffee, we ensure that each of our coffees are the very best by working with importers that fairly support farmers and choosing coffees that bring out the best flavor of each region. Each time you drink a cup of Patriot Coffee, you are supporting hardworking people to fulfill their hopes and dreams and experiencing the best of each unique coffee.

Shelby Swanson